Return of Capital is as important as Return on Capital

At Vishuddha, we take a long-term, growth oriented approach to investing. Our portfolios have a bias toward Mid-caps and Small-caps but may also include opportunistic investments in Large-caps.

We believe that alpha can be generated by taking meaningful positions in high conviction investments, trading at attractive valuations. We actively manage liquidity and concentration risks using stringent internal trading and portfolio constraints.

We seek to invest capital in companies with strong balance sheets, high cash conversion and above-average Return on Invested Capital. We are constantly looking for companies who are driving structural market changes or undergoing significant internal restructuring, enabled by rational, honest and competent management.

We follow a stringent screening process in selecting portfolio companies, which includes our proprietary stock-screening tool; top-down and bottom up analysis; discussions with supply chain participants and competitors; regular facility visits; and identifying management strengths.